Sunday 22 April 2012

Watch Korean Dramas for FREE at

I like to watch Korean Dramas.  The first Korean drama that I watched was All About Eve, I watched that twice and bought the whole series too..This was some 10 years ago when I was not a mum yet.

After having Crystal & Pearl, I just haven't got the time to watch any Korean dramas, and most of the time  our TV is on with Barneys, Barbie Princesses, or other cartoons series, which has different kind of fun too :D 

Some time this week, I found out from my colleague that we can watch Korean dramas for free on  I got to know it because she always watches the dramas on her computer during her lunch break.  Just have to join as member and we will be able to watch Korean dramas from FREE.  There are so many dramas to choose from at this site.  The signing up is very simple, can be doing within a minute.

If you are a big fan of Korean dramas, look up for

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