Tuesday 17 July 2012

Gathering of Old time Friends

One can hardly see me joining any gathering or reunion of school mates, there were many of such occasions that I did not make any effort to join, but it was a different case when my childhood friend, Susan, came back from the U.S. last month.  I got to meet her before she goes off again.  We have not been seeing each other for more than 5 years since the last time she came back to KK.  We are close friend since primary school, her parents have been very consistently bringing me to church every Sunday when I was still a teenage girl. They were like God sent guardians to me.

Due to her busy schedule during the last 3 weeks in KK before she went off to Ipoh (much nearer to home this time), we managed to get together for yam cha on a Sunday afternoon, 8th July 2012, together with our old time friends, Vivien & Eliza.  I tagged along my 2 little princesses to meet the aunties. They got bored  and misbehaved a little while the mummy & aunties were busy chit chatting, catching up with each other on the past & present :DDD.

 From Left : Susan, Vivien, me, Eliza
It was a great get together, looking forward to our next gathering again during this coming Chinese New Year.    

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