Saturday 4 August 2012

Typhoon Soala landed on Taiwan

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Not knowing anything about Typhoon Soala has landed on Taiwan, I called up our Supplier in Taiwan yesterday morning to chase him on the information we have been asking from him on the product.  I was a bit curious on why my phone was not being picked up as quickly as it used to be.  Before the ring tone being cut off, finally my phone was answered after a long wait.  Being cautious about the cost of international call, I quickly asked him what I wanted but he told me that they were not able to reply to us because they would be no one working in the office.  Curiously I asked him what kind of occasion that they are celebrating for the public holiday in Taiwan.  He told me that they could not go to work due to Typhoon.  

Oh dear!! For a person whom never read newspaper, hardly watch TV news, I have become so ignorant of what is happening around the country and around the world. As the typhoon traveled from the Philippines,  we at the Borneo Island did experienced some strong winds, heavy rain and rough sea during this period,  we are glad that it did not affect us. Hope that the Typhoon is all over now. 

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