Tuesday 28 August 2012

McDonald Kid's Meal Toys/collectibles : Strawberry ShortCake & friends

This bunting at McDonald has attracted many kid's attention.  After knowing the Strawberry shortcake & friends figurines at McDonald 2 weeks ago, our girls have marked the introducing dates for the next appearance of the other figurines.  We were a week late to get the Strawberry shortcake figurine, they were all gone out of stock, only managed to get the Raspberry Torte while it is on for grab.  

Our girls do not want to miss out their chance for the next one, the Plum Pudding figurine, which was introduced on the 23rd August.  They kept reminding us to go McDonald on the day itself, since we have already promised to them before hand, the Daddy always fulfill what he had promised, though it was raining and even after dinner from grandma's place, we drove all the way to McDonald, ordered 2 kid's meals to get each of them a Plum Pudding figurines.  Pearl almost finished the whole burger by herself and we joined force finished the other kid's meal.  I later found out that we could actually just buy the toys without having to purchase the kid's meal.  These collectibles are scented by their individual flavours.

Two sets of scented Raspberry Torte and Plum Pudding from McDonald

The next appearance would be the Orange Blossom, coming out on the 30th August 2012 and last till 5th September 2012.  Don't think our girls want to miss that too...see whether they will remind us or not *.*.  We would have been able to get the whole set of the 4 Strawberry shortcake figurines if we hadn't missed out the first one, that's the Strawberry Shortcake "sigh"


  1. Hi Agnes. First time dropping by your lovely blog. Already hooked on despite only after reading the first few of your post.

    Talking about toys from fast food chain, my boy is now eyeing on the Doraemon set from KFC.

  2. Agnes, thanks for dropping by my blog too. Really nice knowing you.

    Oh...yes yes, please do feel free to add me in your list. Btw, I have also added you into my bloglist in order to make sure I don't miss out any of your post. :)

    Keep in touch.


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