Tuesday 14 August 2012

Interest in Beading crafts

Like mother like daughter, Crystal shares similar interest with me in many areas.  One of it is the beading works.  At one time, I was very into beading projects.  I invested in tools, beads, findings, books and time just to pursue my interests.  

I used to follow the patterns from the books to get bracelets done from night till dawn.  I have made myself many earrings and necklaces which I still use them when I am out and about.  I also gave many of my handmade necklaces, earrings and bracelets as presents for birthdays and Christmas.  It's fun but I have no time for beading projects ever since I started my full time job some 3 years ago.

But my tools, beads and findings have not gone to waste.  Crystal has been asking me to let her do some beading works when she was still small, I disallowed her because she couldn't handle the bits and pieces then.  Since she is bigger girl now, she can handle the beadings pretty well after giving her a few steps guide. I bought some glass beads in different colours and sizes for her to mix and match.

 Some of the beads, findings and tools 
 and findings

Now she would start her beading projects whenever she has got the mood in it.  She did 3 necklaces over the weekends.  I help her with the opening and finishing part of it, the rest is all up to her creativity.  She did a pretty good job in colour matching.  
she designed this necklace for me with faceted glass beads, I told her I need a longer necklace, this is what she came out with.  A design with tear drops beads.

faceted clear and blue glass beads necklace and rainbow glass beads necklaces (named by Crystal)
3 necklaces designed by Crystal.
She used this rainbow necklace to tuition today. 
the necklaces are stored in this organza jewelry bags  

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