Saturday 18 August 2012

Kids Eat Free Everyday at Pizza Hut

Not long after we have ordered our meals at Pizza Hut City Mall yesterday, Clet spotted the banner says "Kids Eat Free Everyday" at the door.  When the waiter came around to serve us the drinks we asked him what this promotion is about.

"Kids Eat Free Everyday" promotion started on 15 March 2012, I remembered we have been to Pizza Hut a couple of times since March this year but we only got to know it yesterday.  

The promotion offers every RM20.00 spent entitles to :

~ 1 "Kids Eat Free" meal. Linited to 1 meal per kid
~ Valid for kids below 8 years old or below 120cm in height,  whichever applicable.
~ For dine-in only.
~ Not available in Pizza Hut Genting Highlands.
~ Not valid for purchase of Group Party Packages.
~ Terms and Conditions apply.
Our bill came up to more than RM40.00 that entitled us to claim for 2 "kids Eat Free" meals though Crystal is more than 8 years old and taller than 120cm in height.  

"Kids Eat Free" meals

We ended up with extra serving of Spaghetti bolognese and Chicken Meat Balls, these "Kids Eat Free" meals also come with soya bean drinks.  Not bad at all.  But our girls have already whacked their Carbonara   pasta by the time the "Kids Eat Free" meals were served, can take in any more food. Well, with me around there is no problem having extra food, I am quite a big eater...  

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  1. Wish I'd read your post earlier...We just had pizza hut for dinner last night and paid for two sets of kids meal...Haiz....Will take note for our next makan session there.


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