Thursday 9 August 2012

More Spicy food during Ramadhan month

We do not cook spicy food at home because our girls do not like any hot and spicy stuff.  During the month of Ramadhan, Clet and myself are having more spicy food than any other months in the year.  Recently we have been visiting the Bazaar Ramadhan stalls, and take away food for meals at home.   Since our girls do not take spicy food, I will have to cook something else for them. Just like this Amaranth / Red Spinach Soup which they like it very much.

While we are having hot & spicy food like Nasi Kerabu [which is something new to me], Nasi Kuning, soto and Nenas Paceri as side dish.  

Nasi Kuning with Beef Rendang, the beef is a bit tough

Nasi Kuning with fried fish

side dish Nenas Paceri, Clet's favourite

After having spicy food for a few days, I can feel a little ulcer in my mouth, probably because I am not used to having spicy food and I got "heated up" with the spices :D will have to find some cooling tea..


  1. hayley,

    Yes, you are right, I always forget to drink more water as I get busy at work.


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