Friday 16 November 2012

At Snow World Genting

After settling down in the hotel, we took a walk to the First World Plaza where the SnowWorld is situated. It was still raining, the walk way leading to the Plaza is wet and not well lighted. Much prefer to have a more pleasant walk with well constructed indoor walk way throughout, more convenient for the children and elderly especially under wet weather condition, they could easily slip.

We arrived at SnowWorld at 7.30pm, bought the tickets, the entry time was at 9.30pm, we have got ample time to walk around the plaza and find a restaurant to have our dinner.

check on the SnowWorld from the outside, couldn't wait to go in actually.
 our tickets
 took a photo as rememberance
 We finally decided to have our dinner at the Noodle House, there is a number stated on each meal, dish and drinks
 take the number according to the meal, dish or drinks you have choosen and pay at the counter
 2 juices, 3 noodles cost us RM55.70 (approx. USD18.00)

After dinner, we started to take the queue to the SnowWorld.  The queue getting longer approaching to the entry time. When it's time to go in, people started to rush in to get the winter attires, it was in a jammed packed and chaotic situation at this point. Though we were much ahead from the rest, we were the later ones to enter into the SnowWorld due to the delay in getting the right size boots, winter jackets and gloves.  Even though there were staff giving out the boots and gloves, they gave us the wrong sizes.  We were unable to walk with the over sized shoes; The zipper is broken for Pearl's jacket, all our gloves are much too big.  Basically we took about 15 minutes to get ourselves properly geared to enter into the freezing cold SnowWorld. 

During the short stay in the winter land, both our girls experienced the snow slide which they find it's thrilled.  Crystal were trying to make a snowman but there definitely isn't enough snow for her to do so.   

Though we are not allowed to bring in camera or handphone to take photos in there, there were still plenty of them taking photos with the own cameras and handphones without abiding to the rule.  In order to have photos taken, I went out to take Clet's Samsung handphone for him to take our photos, the effect of the photos are not as clear under the dim light but still better than none.  The professional photographers were too busy taking photos for others, by the time I asked him to take a photo for us, it's already time up for us to leave this huge "ice box". :D
look like we are really in the winter wonderland ;)

After the SnowWorld, we quickly walked back to Theme Park Hotel.  To warm our kids up a bit, we ordered a cup of hot milo at the hotel's lobby cafe.  

It was a good experience for our kids to get a feel of what winter is like.  In SnowWorld, I couldn't not find the smell of snow and the freezing cold winter breeze that we are having in the real winter atmosphere. Can't expect too much as it is an indoor and man made one. '.'  


  1. As for us, we went out even before the 40 mins are up. Too cold!!

    1. I asked my younger to come out for a while too just to make sure she wouldn't get to cold in there.

  2. Never been to the Snow World and would love to bring my girls to experience snow. iCity's Snow World would be a nearer alternative for us.

    1. Have not heard of iCity's Snow World..should have checked it out when we were in KL.

  3. Agnes, your kids are so cute! Haven't been to Genting for so long.....

    1. Shirley, me too have not been there for so long..think it was more than 15 years ago..Genting has expanded so much as compared to a decade ago..


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