Friday 2 November 2012

Light Cheddar Cheesecake

Inspired by Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover, my hands have turned itchy and wanted to try on baking some Light Cheddar Cheesecake.  I finally did the baking on last Sunday night after about 2 years break from baking. I had a bit of a hard time to get my baking utensils organised because I had forgotten where I put them. Blamed it to a not so organised person, that's me "_".

I only managed to take some photos of the cheddar cheese creaming process, after that I was too busy getting the baking done before midnight as the next day was a schooling day.  Here's how it goes :
 Break 6 slices of cheddar cheese and mix together with the butter, double boiling to dissolve them (I used light cheddar cheese slices)
 the melted cheddar cheese and butter mixture
 the cake sit in the oven for 5 minutes with the oven door ajar
My Light Cheddar Cheese Cake look like this, not as fluffy and spongy as it's supposed to be, probably because I took too long on the egg yolk mixing process.  After adding all the cake flour, I realised that my egg yolk mixture is too thick hence I have to add more milk to it.

The whole piece of cake were polished off by 4 of us pretty instantly on the next day.  My girls could not wait to try this cake, they brought slices of them to school as snacks during recess.  We simply love this cake and I will definitely make it again.

I followed exactly the recipe HERE from Nasi Lemak Lover, except putting in additional milk to the egg yolks batter).  Try baking this cake, I am sure you are going to love it!!


  1. Looks simply yummy leh!! I want I want :P

  2. Looks really good. I enjoy making non-baked cheesecakes & my friends love them. I'm lazy, so this is much simpler than baking :)

  3. This recipe seems easy and nice. I want to try too, Agnes. Happy weekend to you.


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