Monday 24 December 2012

Professional Office Moving Service

We are in the midst of setting up our office and shop.  Though it is a small rented shop, there are office furniture, cabinets, display settings, office equipments and so forth that we need to move in to get our office and shop in full operational mode in a short period of time.

We were having a hard time moving out from our previous office as we did not hire any moving service to help out, when we started packing we realised that moving is not as simple as we first thought.  After packing, transporting of all these big and small office stuff can be a big task, we thought that we could manage it on our own with the help of a few casual workers.  We were wrong.  There were so much to pack and carry even from a small office.  Hubby ended up has to help out on carrying the office tables and equipments which has strained his muscle, caused him so much pain as a result.

After having such an experience, we have decided to hire professional moving service like Ship-Smart to handle our office moves this time round. Ship-Smart provides very reasonable price in its moving office service, their services include custom packing and delivering to the desired destination. I particularly like their packing service as this will save a lot of our time in packing and leave us a peace of mind that our stuff are securely packed and transported.  

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