Monday 31 December 2012

Celebrating the holidays with Mrs. Smith's

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Thinking of it, we have not been sending any physical or paper season greeting cards to family and friends for many years now.  The reason being so is to help preserve our planet for our future generations.  By this little efforts of ours, together we could help to save the life of our trees.

We still send out season greeting cards and for special ocassions to family and friends by holiday e-card.  It is easy to use and the recipients will receive the greetings without delay.  I do not have to worry of my greetings being lost in the post.  During this holiday seasons, Mrs. Smith's Holiday will give both the sender and receiver free coupon.

I am sure your friends and family are anxiously waiting for your greetings to come through.  It is not too late to send holiday e-cards to them. By using holiday e-card they will receive the message in a matter of minutes.

Worrying of what to bring along to family and friend's gathering party?  Why not take along Mrs. Smith’s pies?  They will be delighted.  There are varieties of pies to choose from Mrs. Smith's, just to name a few, Coconut Pies, Blueberry Pies, Mince Pies, Peach Pies, Pumpkin Pies.  

Mrs Smith's pumpkin pie

My daughter would love the Pumpkin Pies.  She can have pumpkin pies as meals for the day.


Mrs. Smith's will dontate $1 for every pie sold to Operation Homefront in the month of November and December.  They also provides pies to Operation Homefront for Thanksgiving.  As a gesture of good cause, buy pies from Mrs. Smith's, the more the merrier. 


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