Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013


We are now in Year 2013.  We are all a year older and looking forward to accomplish what we have set out to do this year.  I would like to wish everyone who drop by my blog a blessed and fruitful and healthy year ahead. 

There is going to be an addition to our to do list this year, that is to set up our little children clothing outlet and intensify our online shop which is going to be tough as this is an extra task to our already busy schedule.

To start off this year, I had a disturbing stomach which woke my up at 3am this morning.  I got to rush to the loo to vomit and clear my stomach.  Probably due to indigestion.  Basically I ate non stop from 8pm till midnight while waiting for the clock to strike 12. 

I feel much better now after clearing what were rejected by my stomach.  

We shall be back to the routine, school starts tomorrow, is going to be hectic for us parents and the kids.

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