Friday 4 January 2013

Handicraft work at Primary 3

My eldest just loves doing handicrafts.  She brought back some of her finished projects at the end of last year's session when the school term ended last year.  She has been reminding me to post them on my blog since last year but I was ever so busy that I have been delaying her request.  When we asked her to clean up her messy work desk tonight, she found them, again she asked whether I have posted on my blog.  I know I can't delay her request any more as I have promised her to do so.  

These photos are taken by her to make it easy for mummy to post it on her blog..*.*

Again this year, she chose handicraft as the 1st choice in her school's extra curriculum activities.  I expect  to see her hands, face and uniforms with colouring and paint at the end of each class.  No doubt with more of her crafting stuff at the end of the year.    


  1. Lovely craft work. I should ask my girl to go for Craft Work as her extra curriculum activities this year.

  2. Those are really lovely! She really is something!...:)



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