Tuesday 1 January 2013

Wholesale Cut Flowers

When I was in my home base florist business many year ago, I was having problem getting fresh cut flowers. As it is home base, I do not keep fresh flowers like most of the florist do.  My business is on made to order basis.  Since I am not a consistent buyer of bulk fresh flowers, the flower suppliers are not willing to supply me with the wholesale price, at times I am not able to even get the types of flowers as per my customers requests.  The flower suppliers always tell me that their flowers have been reserved for the florist shops.  Under such situation I get frustrated and my customers get even more disappointed for they are not able to get the type of flowers they have ordered from me.

The type of flowers and their colours represent specific meanings.  To many people if they are unable to get the right type of flowers, it would defect the meaning of sending flower bouquets to someone for that specific occasions. 

I remember in many occasions I had to turne down many orders as I could not get the right flowers as ordered. Without doubt, my business has decreased and I had to finally call it a quit.

If I had known a reliable Wholesale Cut Flowers supplier whom can cater for my needs, I would still be in florist business till now.  If so happen one day I decide to go back to florist business, I would definitely order from them.  With the support of a reliable fresh cut flowers wholesaler, I will be able to provide better service and more varieties of flowers to fulfil my customers' specific needs.

It is a joyful feeling to receive fresh flower bouquet same goes to the one who send it.  The display of fresh cut flowers not just brighten up the room but also able to lift up one's mood for the day.  Order some fresh cut flowers to brighten up your days and send flower gift to lighten up your love one.


  1. Hah I din't know you were a home base florist!

    Anyway, wishing you and family a happy new year 2013!

  2. I hope one day you are able to continue your business again. Happy New Year to you !

  3. Wow, didn't know u're so talented! Happy 2013 & maybe this year will be a good year for your business.... xoxo


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