Tuesday 29 January 2013

Hardwood Flooring

We did not do anything to the floor of our house when we moved in about two years ago.  The previous owner rented out the house all the while before we bought it over from him.  Due to wear and tear and it was not well maintained, the house was not in very good condition.

With very low budget, we only managed to touch up a little, paint the walls, fixed any leakages and moved in to our new home to avoid paying rental to the landlord of our rented house.

This more than 20 years old house of ours, we called it our new home, needs a good face lift and refurbishment. If budget permits, we would like to do a renovation and also an extension to the kitchen.  The floor tiles are old and with stubborn marks here and there, we will replace it with the modern hardwood flooring.  I have seen many nice hardwood flooring patterns at Ephrata floor store.  If we were to replace our flooring, we will have to browse through the different brands and species of flooring available at Ephrata to decide which type suite our furniture best.

I would like to have the hardwood flooring at our living room as well as for our bedrooms and study room.   I am really looking forward to do some renovation to our house hopefully by this year.


  1. Hmm, well then hopefully things can progress well like you wish! ^^

  2. It's always nice to have a new facelift especially after living there for so long. Hope your dream will come soon!


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