Thursday 23 January 2014

Borneo Golf & Country Club

Despite my repeated refusals to get involve, I know the day will come I am asked to go for a field trip to Borneo Golf and Country Club. A golf club which my boss took over recently.
As an employee, we are not in the position to say no to the bosses for the work that are assigned to us.  My workloads will be increased this year after this "you just go look look see see" field trip.  
At the front office of Borneo Golf & Country Club, Bongawan, Sabah.
Nice collections of Golf Balls from various Golf Clubs
Passion fruit juice and Ice water at the buffet Counter
They serve Korean Food as majority of the guests and golfers are Koreans.
Kimchi is the must in Korean cuisine
the view of the golf course which much care are needed to get the green back again.  It is one of the professionally designed 18 holes golf course.
my lunch, less meat more vegetable with seaweed soup which is pretty healthy.

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