Friday 10 January 2014

Stress in the office

Stress...when I have to handle my own jobs and other's job tasks at the same time.
My colleague has gone on leave for a week..asking me for a favour to help in her job tasks during her absence.  For the last time I agreed to help her as I will be transferred to the other company effective this month, by right I do not have to handle her job task..but I agreed so to allow her to have a good holiday.

The stress set in when I have to contact one of the government bodies which the answering machine will do the talking, asking me to press buttons, telling me again and again that their operators are busy and still busy, please hold and finally the machine operator informs that the holding period has ended, please call back again.   I have redialed many times trying to contact the officer until I gave up.  Waste of my time and increase my stress level tremendously...I guess this is one of the Malaysia Boleh situations..

 Enough..I don't want to think's lunch time.  Simple snacks in the office to cool my stress down a little and TGIF.

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  1. I know how you feel when dealing with government servants. Very efficient, right? Lol.

    Glad it is weekend and no need to stress out till Monday!! Enjoy your weekend with family!


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