Saturday 25 July 2015

Blissful morning walk

Woken up by the heavy rain at 4.40am, alarm rings at 5.25am..only managed to drag myself up from bed when my girl asked me to get up to send her to school.

"Are we going for a walk?", "think so" reluctantly I replied my better half. After sending our girls to school, we went to the nearby park to have a walk and get some fresh oxygen after the rain.  There is no chance for me to have any exercise during working days.  My jobs rely heavily on computer, therefore I got to sit down less walking in the office.

Wouldn't want to push myself to hard, I did only 3 rounds of brisk walking on the track in the park. The air is fresh after the rain.  Lazy at first but blissful after the walk.  The surrounding I have captured: 
water drops on the leave after the rain
children's playground in the park
concrete chair for resting
walking/jogging track

the steps

bright red hibiscus
Breakfast after the walk.  Mee tauhu Tawau style (plain fried mee with a bowl of fried taufu and taufu pok).  Not to my liking, but compensated with a glass of thick kopi kahwin.


  1. Usually it is always difficult to get up when it rained in the early morning. We rather stay curled up in bed under the blanket. You have a beautiful park for your walks.

  2. Too much computer is not good so it is good to go outdoors for a walk, a job or a swim sometimes

  3. I do not mind such blissful walk with my better half with kids around. Hehe.


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