Monday 27 July 2015

Sales at Popular Book Store

There are a selection of books on sale at Popular Book Store now.  At RM10.00 per book is a very good bargain.  After ran through the books displayed on Sales, they are mostly novels,  Luckily I am not a novel reader, I will definitely buy half a dozen of them if I love to read novels and all my house works will come to a halt for me to finish reading them.

I always want to read the biography of notable and successful people.  There are a handful of these books on the shelves but they are not on discount sales.  
It is interesting to know the life journey of these world's successful notable people, their ups and downs in life hopefully will somehow give us some inspirations to excel in our own endeavors.  

I did not buy any books from this visit.  My better half has chosen these 2 books : "101 Econimics" @ 25% off, Discounted price is RM27.67 and "Buy High Sell Higher" for RM10.00 for he would like to know more about Forex and he wants me to read more about stock market.  
I wonder how many small traders can make money from Forex and stock market??  Big Question Marks here --> ????


  1. I would go for novels but like you said, I could be too absorbed in them till everything at stale. Hehe.

    Long time did not buy books in Popular.

  2. I stop buying new books for a while because I still have a few books haven't finish reading

  3. I like to read self improvement books


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