Wednesday 12 October 2016

Our Guard Dog - Lucky (2012-11.10.2016)

Our backyard resident and guard dog named Lucky, has passed away peacefully last night.  We only found out when my better half went to feed him last night.  He was a very active dog, he would scratch the back door whenever he heard our voice to get our attention, and a very good guard dog.  He was still very active and ate a big portion of his meal the night before with no sign of him being sick.  It is sad to find him fallen into deep sleep forever.

Rest in peace, Lucky Boy, hope you find a better place in heaven. 


  1. Oo must be a shock since he didn't show any symptoms. RIP doggie.

  2. I can imagine the pain, Agnes. So sorry to learn of your loss & I'm sure Lucky's in a better place now. Take care, dear! xoxo


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