Friday 21 October 2016

The Wor(l)d Helo Smartband

Helo stands for Health and Lifestyle Oracle, it is a very advance and new wearable wristband by Wor(l)d which can be worn 24 hours a day to monitor our and our loved ones health well being and physical condition on the go and when we sleep.  It can measure : Blood Pressure, ECG, Heart Rate, Breath Rate, Mood/Energy, Steps and calories burned on a 30 to 120 mins basis.  I set mine on 60 minutes basis, a report will be produced every hourly.


This is the smart and sexy looking wristband of Helo.  The wristband is designed to fit small to big (musculine) wrist. This is my Helo, fitted nicely on my slim wrist without having to trim the band.

Both Android (has to be Android 4.3 and above) and iOS can download the Helo Apps, the Helo device will link to your handphone via bluetooth.  Amazingly the Helo wristband has the capacity to store all the data, the data can be viewed in your phone as soon as a link is established.

unlike the rest of the wristband in the market, Wor(l)d added extra features to include semi germ stones of Germanium and Himalayan Salt and Hematite for extra health benefits.  These stones are mounted on platinum plate, and can be fitted on the wristband which are in direct contact with our skin when we put on the wristband.
The health benefits of the Germanium, Himalayan Salt and Hematite can be found in many articles in the internet.   

It uses an innovative and advance sensor to obtain data from our body to give an ambulatory measurements as accurate as possible for our self evaluation. 

Another important function of Helo is the Panic Button.  Yes, there is a panic button for emergency purpose, just by pressing the side button 2 times,  the person(s) that you registered in the Guardian-SOS will be alerted via sms with the time, location and google map on the last location where the button was pressed.  
this feature is specially beneficial for the elderly who suddenly feel unwell and children whom find themselves in unsafe situation.

I personally am amazed with Helo.  It can only be bought online at one single price from Wor(l)d website and deliver direct to your doorstep.  You could use my username : agnescfl (l as in small letter L) or to make the purchase, you are automatically become a member upon purchase and get hold of the opportunity if you wish to.

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