Saturday 20 September 2008

A Disturb Mind

Eversince my dad had a stroke in October last year, I'm having the kind of fear of seeing my siblings' phone numbers appear on my cellphone cos I do not want to receive any news of my dad being unwell. I am started to relax myself from that fear after nearly a year of my dad had the stroke, but yesterday, a call from my brothers informing me that my dad has been rushed to the hospital semi unconsciously due to very high blood pressure and breathing difficulty. I broke down immediately in the office. My colleagues gave my dad a quick prayer seeking GOD's helps so that he will be able to get through in what he is sufferring; I rushed to the hospital to be at my dad's side. The doctor managed to bring his BP down and briefed us on his condition. He was admitted again for further review.
I woke up at 4.30am this morning with a very disturb mind and couldn't get myself back to sleep again. At 7am this morning, big sister and myself were at the ward to visit my dad. He looked weak and only willing to drink some of the fruits and vegetable juice that I made for him. My prayers go to my dad for his speedy recovery.

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