Tuesday 16 September 2008

Papaya Soup

While shopping for food and groceries at the supermarket on last Saturday, I saw papayas at the fruits section, all of them are still raw; I said to myself, why not try papaya soup today so I bought two raw papayas, one for soup and one for dessert when it's ripened.  Here's my papaya soup with pork and red dates.  The last time I had papaya soup was during my confinement after giving birth to Pearl, to induce more breast milk, however, this formular did not work on me.  Many people have been telling me that papaya soup is also good for health that would be good for the kids too. 
I marinated the remaining papaya using apple cider vinegar, salt and sugar.  Very appetising and it is ideal for cooking of sweet and sour dishes or eat on its own.  I feel like having some before my dinner though.

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