Sunday 7 September 2008

It's Saturday

I allowed myself to get up a bit late on Saturday after a brain draining Thursday and Friday. Clet was up earlier for his appointments; before attending to his next appointment he brought home some breakfast, curry laksa meehoon for me and fish balls meehoon soup for the girls.

The girls would normally watch their favourite VCDs, one after another when they are at home, if not, they will be drawings or surfing the net on princesses, Mickey Mouse Club House, Barbie dress up or stuff like that; but lately we found Crystal is playing some modelling clay discreetly scare that we would scold her. It was all because I stopped her from playing modelling clay I think two years ago, it happened when she put a big piece of clay on her head thought it was some kind of fun decoration for her hair, and the clay sticked to her hair, it took us quite a while to take it all off , she was crying worryingly that it will not come off. She still remembers this incident till now. We asked about the clay that she is having she said she got it from her classmate. Guess she must be very much wanting to have some clay to play with and I thought since she is bigger girl now and look like Pearl is capable of handling the clay, I proposed to let them have some of the clay that I have been keeping if they help to fold the laundry, they did not mind at all.

Pearl would like to help but said she doesn't know how to. Crystal was trying to show her and Pearl looked on seriously.

Look like Pearl is a fast learner, folding a handkerchief by herself already and showing it to me proudly, "mummy, mummy, you see".

The girls' assignment was done waiting for me to put them away.
Pearl took the opportunity to play with the empty laundry basket.a piece of modelling clay for the girls as promised
Happily playing with the clay together and singing along too..
These are sea shells according to them.

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