Tuesday 11 November 2008

Yoghurt Making

I started making yoghurt at home about two months back and have since enjoying it almost everyday.
I was trying to make yoghurt using yoghurt starter but failed to achieve the desired texture and taste, sometimes even turn bad after a few hours into the fermentation process. After exhausting the whole box (6 sachets in a box) of yoghurt mix and I concluded that I needed a yoghurt maker which I am not ready to buy one just yet. Glad that my colleagues shared some tips and I started to try making it using ready made yoghurt with milk powder. It works.
Here are a few simple steps:
(1) Add 8 heap table spoons of Milk Powder (I use Organic Low Fat Milk Powder) to 600ml of water (the amount of milk powder and water can be varied to suite the consistency you desired). Mix well. a shaker can be used for the mixing process.

(2) Pour and sieve the milk into a air tight container to separate the undissolved milk solids. Do not throw away the undissolved milk solids instead use a spoon to press them through the strainer into the milk solution.

(3) Pour or scoop 1/2 a rice bowl of ready made yoghurt into the milk solution.

(4) Mix well with a spoon or egg beater.

(4) Remove the bubbles from the surface of the mixture so that the surface of the yoghurt is smooth after it is formed.

(5) Put the lid on the air tight container and leave it in room temperature undisturbed for more than 8 hours for the yoghurt to ferment. You can check the yoghurt by the smell or the taste of it. Transfer into the fridge only after it is successfully fermented.

(6) My yoghurt is ready to be served

(7) A simple recipe - Papaya yoghurt with flaxseed oil (honey can be added to give some sweetness to it).

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