Thursday 27 November 2008

Blog Hijacked

My blog has been "hijacked" by some kind of spammer out there a couple of weeks ago. It will be redirected to another website whenever I try to view it. I have been trying to get it back but to no avail. The only way to view it is to change my blog to custom setting. Would be grateful if any one can give me assistance on how to get rid of the redirection??? PLEASE HELP....


  1. agnes,why don't you google and seek help..I did google,the topic about hijack come up...this IT ppls will teach you how to overcome this matter.They talking about strong password and so on...hope you can find the best solution

  2. i see that you went back to the blogspot address that you had... but you lost most of the widgets that you have on your sidebar.. i hope it gets fix soon.

  3. Lesley, I did the googling on the topics for many days and also email them for help but no reply from them so far. they did advice on strong password and I changed my password accordingly.

    Vhiel, I have to change to custom template setting in order to view my blog and with its limitation I can not do anything on my side bar. I have started another blog at, just in case i lost this blog of mine.


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