Wednesday 20 January 2016

Handmade Bottle Carrier bag 自制水壺袋 (1)

The water bottle carrier bag is done last night.  It is a pretty easy project ideal for beginner like me. 

 I started getting the fabric measured and cut on weekend
attached with the layers to give the carrier bag a better shape

the base of the carrier is a bit tough to fix.  I have to hand sew the bases on the front cover and also the lining to keep them in place before sewing

finally, it is time to pull the front cover out from the lining.  I enjoy this part of the sewing project the most because it means the project is almost done.
The final part is to insert the strings through the hole.  I used a safety pin as a guide to run the string out from the other hole and tie them up into a knot. 
It's done.  It is a pull string bottle carrier bag for my girl.
my next project would be a pencil case for my eldest girl..she made her request after seeing this carrier bag this morning.


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