Sunday 31 January 2016

Sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach

One fine Friday evening, we went to have a walk at Tanjung Aru beach which is just nearby my workplace.  Many tourists were all ready with the cameras waiting for the right moment to snap the best sunset scenes.  These are the best snapshots my Samsung handphone can captured.
my kids are enjoying themselves at the shore collecting seashells 
the tiny seashells they have collected but they did not take them home 
After the sun has set, we had our dinner at the club, it was a long wait for our food to arrive.  The food are alright, we hope their restaurant could improve to provide faster service.   


  1. Beautiful sunset. Would love to visit Tanjung Aru again. Been there twice, both in the morning for a walk but few years ago.

  2. Those photos of sunset are perfectly beautiful.Especially the second one is my favorite. I imagine the foods in the restaurant must be so good even though their service have to improved. Those foods are new to me. Hope you could visit Japan someday.

  3. Hi Agnes, I haven't been to Tanjung Aru before. Would love to visit it one day!

  4. The photos 1 & 2 are so lovely with that sunset shot. The reflections with a golden line is awesome and unique.

  5. Used to do that when my kid was young...... Love the sunset, dear!

  6. Wowww I would so love to have a beach nearby...


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