Tuesday 5 January 2016

Christmas and Year end party 2015 in the office

One of our colleagues initiated a get together party for Christmas and Year End Party with potluck and gifts exchange on 30th December 2015.  This was the first such party in the office since I joined 7 years ago.  Of course, the size of the staff has also grown over the years to have a better numbers to hold the party (without the bosses).   

my contribution of 2 Christmas cakes
gifts are ready for exchange

simple party food.
It was a quick lunch party, we have to make sure the office is spotlessly clean after that
during lunch 
before the exchange of gifts

I got The Body Shop shower gels products from my colleague


  1. Wow not bad, you got Body Shop shower gels as gift, nice office party

  2. The first white Christmas cake looks tasty and delicious

  3. Agnes, I think it is wonderful to have Christmas and year end party in the office with office colleagues. I have worked 30 over years and there were no year-end party. But we have new year festivals celebrations.

  4. Now I missed those office lunches and gatherings. Haha.

    Nice potluck. A way to bond with colleagues too.

  5. this made me miss those times when I was still working under an employer as we used to have exchange gifts and my company used to organize small xmas party too

  6. Your white cake and the dark cake both look yummy!

  7. Wahhh, it sounds and looks like a nice Christmas
    meal with your colleagues! I had similar thing c:
    And your 2 cakes looks GOOD!! Xx
    Ice Pandora


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