Thursday 3 November 2016

Taiwan Golden Fig

A long awaited news came to me this morning.  My better half told me that our TGF (Taiwan Golden Fig) is fruiting.  TGF is the first fig tree that we bought into our collections from a local fig trees grower in May this year.
Can you see the little fruit ?

Came closer to take a photo, I saw a smaller one just by the side (yehhh..double happiness)
 Now a photo from the top.  The fig fruits take up months to ripe.  Hopefully by Chinese New Year 2017, we will be able to taste the fruits of our labour.

 These are some of our younger fig trees, they need more attention and care than our other plants.


  1. so happy to see them growing so healthy.

  2. Congrats! Soon you will be able to harvest the figs. Organic homegrown so extra nice.


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