Thursday 10 November 2016

Xuan Confinement Centre

I found this brochure on the dinner table last night, my better half must have collected it when someone passed to him in a Shopping complex.  Definitely not meant for me, I am over the age to go on confinement again..though my girls wanted to have a little brother..too risky to get pregnant again at my age.  

Back to the brochure, I have been hearing friends and also my own brother having the idea of operating a confinement centre offering specialised services to the modern age couples who would like to observe the "sub-traditional" way of caring for the confinement mothers and the babies during the vulnerable 1 month period without having to disturb the older folks to help them out or hire an experienced confinement lady to take care them.  

Finally, Xuan Confinement Centre is opened this month, I believe this is the first in Kota Kinabalu.  The founder of this centre is Dr. Foo Ming Hui. 


These are information in the brochure :

Looks good and services are complete with what we need during confinement.  Visit their facebook to enquire for further information and prices. 

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  1. Confinement centre is ideal for those away from home; no one to help and yet they want to follow some confinement "pantang".

    There is one in Kuching too but I am not sure it is still in operation.


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