Monday 2 April 2018

Bacon Cheese Burger at Burger King

In comparison, meals at Burger King are slightly more expensive than other fast food chain.  We are more frequent to McD because they have more outlets than BK.  We do have our favourite choices at BK thus we returned for more at their Imago outlet.  My favourite is the mushroom burger but I did not see it on the display board that day.  I must have skipped it when I saw black pepper mushrooms burger, I do not like my burger to be hot and spicy.   
 Cheesy French Fries 
 the size of the french fries are bigger and real potatoes at every bites 
 A typical hamburger with slices of onion and cheese sandwiched in the burger just enough for a light meal.
 A double cheese burger
Bacon Cheese Burger is the one we came for.  My better half and my youngest simply love this burger.  


  1. My favourite at BK would be the Mushroom Swiss Burger

  2. I just have burgers from Burger King yesterday. Grilled chicken is my option. My kids went for the crispy chicken burgers. Yes, I do like it's bigger cut fries.

    Wow, that is a lot of cheese on your fries. I don't mind once a while but must eat fast. Otherwise the fries become mushy from the cheese.

  3. I normally go for the mushroom burger too... nice and moist with the cheese. And I like the onion rings as well.

  4. Burger King is our holiday food when we travel. Our girls love them too!

  5. I just enjoyed their cheesy fries last week. I ate a big box all alone by myself. Now my weight is screaming lah.


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