Tuesday 10 April 2018

Lunch on a working day

I usually prepacked my lunch to the office.  There are seriously lack of places to have food in the Plaza that I work and I am not willing to go under the hot sun and cross the busy road just to find lunch and come back to the office with sweat to continue my another half day of work in the office.

On  the days that I do not prepack my lunch, I would go to find food at the staircase stall (this stall is literally under the staircase with slanting roof just on top of their heads), it is operated by a pakcik, I guest the rental is very minimal.  But the stall was closed.  Another eatery shop nearby was also closed.  I ended up at 7-Eleven to find my lunch and settled with these buns (RM3.90 in total) with a mug of Min Kaffe.

Vanilla filling bun from Gardenia
Jagung Sweetcorn filling from Gardenia

 Can't really see the sweetcorn filling paste in the bun because its colour is similar to the bun.  Very sweet.

Red Beans paste filling from BTC Bakery
The red bean paste filling is just alright, prefer it to be less sweet too.

I couldn't take in the vanilla bun anymore after finishing the red beans and sweetcorn buns.  I took home and stored in the fridge and I totally forgotten about it over the weekend.  Got to check on its expiry date when I get home this evening.


  1. I don't mind going far and under sun for good food. Used to walk far with my colleagues when I worked. Coffee shops are much better than eating in the air con food court where I worked.

    Delicia buns. Seldom buy as I found them sweet. I usually buy Gardenia breads and muffins for my breakfast at home.

  2. These buns normally have a week or so to expiry date. If you bought a 'fresh' one, should still be fine.

  3. I work in a large hospital and there are plenty of places to get lunch. Expensive though so I always bring my lunch from home.

  4. alamak, eat buns only ah.. ><" ..

  5. We really think alike. I try to pre pack my lunch too as driving out in the hot sun to get my lunch would often make me sleepy for the half day.

  6. Interesting finds, Agnes! I've never tried these type of buns before...... xoxo


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