Sunday 1 April 2018

A School Holiday Saturday

On the one week school holiday, instead of letting our girls to have their beauty sleep on Saturday, we woke them up to accompany us to the tamu (open air market) at Giant Kolombong parking lots. The only things that made them willing to follow us are the puppies and cats for sale at the tamu.  We bought our puppies there too some 3 years ago.  

Before going round the tamu, we had our breakfast on the 1st floor food court. Our breakfast preferences were different that day, we walked stall by stall to choose our food and ended up with these on our table.
 Watan Hor
 yes my girl chose chicken rice for her breakfast
my signature breakfast, the meehoon soup.  I was happy to be given 6 different types of stuffed vegetable as toppings.

the name of the food court is Anjung Selera.  This food court had survived, plentiful of food to choose from and air-conditioned.  A few stalls only start their businesses around noon time.  Besides the choices of food, another thing I like about this food court is its high roofing, there is no cooking smell "stick" on our clothing or hair when we walk out of this food court.

With full tummy we can have a more relax and enjoyable shopping at the tamu for fresh local produces for the week.  


  1. Nice day out for you and your family, I would love to have that chicken rice, the food court looks bright, big and airy, I like to eat in air conditioned area to enjoy the air con

  2. The rojak looks like mee jawa and it looks different from our SG version

  3. The food court looks comfy and clean. Nice choice of food that you and your family chose. They look yums!

  4. seems you had good day and food looks delicious !!
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  5. I always love the food in Sabah and Sarawak as they are different and very tasty too.


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