Wednesday 28 March 2018

Flower Seeds

To my surprise flower seeds are hard to find at the hypermarkets here, most of the seeds for sale are vegetables.  After visited the stingless bees farm, we decided to plant some flowers to attract the stingless bees to our backyard, our intention is to provide a pleasant home for the stingless bees if we were to put a beehive log at our backyard, the bees will stay if there are flowers around.  

Since I could not buy the flower seeds on the days I looked for them, I searched online hoping to buy  some seeds to be sent to my door steps.  Again to my surprise, a shop that is selling flower seeds online is only a few minutes drive from my house.  

My better half went to this shop the next day morning, he sent me the photos with packets of flower seeds on the display racks. 

 and they also sell something new--- the ready to germinate potted flower seeds. 

After picked and chose, my better half bought 4 packets of flower seeds and he got a free gift from the shop owner too..

 I opened the little paper packet and I found these 2 seeds, engraved with {I Love you 4 Ever}.  My immediate question was "Are these real seeds or souvenir?",  "The shop owner said Yes, they are real seeds, she is giving them free to all her customers." answered my better half. 
But we have not tried to germinate these 2 seeds yet.   That would be an interesting post if these seeds can ever be germinated and produce flowers. [Update : I failed to germinate these seeds, they were covered with fungal after 3 days I planted them in the soil].

Meanwhile, please visit my humble backyard garden which we are working on to add more flowers.


  1. That day I also saw packets of seeds selling in supermarket which surprises me

  2. True. Last time I saw lots of flower seeds in supermarkets but now everything was vegetables. Maybe everyone starting to plant own vegetables now.

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