Saturday 17 March 2018

Stingless Bee Honey Farm (Madu Kelulut)

Stingless Bees honey farming has becoming popular in Malaysia, the honey harvested from stingless beehives is believed to contain much higher antioxidant than the regular honey, thus makes it a Superfood.

My better half has visited a local stingless bee farm a couple of days back.  He has taken some photos and also video to share the knowledge with me.  We have been taking honey all this while but honestly, I do not have a clue how the bees got the honey from.  I now learned that stingless bee is actually not poisonous. 

this stingless bees farm is set up with 50 logs.  They are also selling the logs and also the plants that make the bees happy (the bees will work hard to bring in more honey if they are happy).
The Stingless Bees' favourite flower here is the Air Mata Pengantin (The bride's tears) 
the entrances made by the bees 

this is how the propolis / beehives look like, the honey is being stored there.
The video taken at the farm


  1. How interesting! We have that flower here in Hawaii, but I've never heard of that bee. All our bees here will sting you.

  2. I never visiting a bee farm. I drink honey some morning. Sometime add lemon into it.

  3. The only bee farm I had visited was in Phuket where they had different bees and flowers being planted. I find such places very educational and interesting.


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