Sunday 4 March 2018

Sunday Rest Day, Family Day

As a full time working mum, Saturdays & Sundays are very precious days for me.  I still wake up early on Saturdays as it is a school days for my girls (except it's public holiday or school holidays).  We wake up slightly later on Sundays to church.  

It is family bonding time for me on these 2 days.  We can have breakfast together without having to rush to school or work, we can take our time to explore new places to have our meals, shopping and relax at home (I can take a nap whenever I want).

We tried out the Sandakan famous bouncy noodles after church this morning at Damai.

My daughters ordered the Sandakan bouncy noodles.  I still stick to my all time favourite meehoon soup.

 I did try a spoonful of the bouncy noodles but I did not like it.  It is too tough for me to chew, I am happy with the bowl of meehoon soup.  We also ordered a bowl of dumplings soup with pork and century egg fillings.  My better half gave the dumplings a thumbs up.
 The total bill is RM40.10 for 2 bowls of Sandakan bouncing noodles with soup, 1 bowl of mixed meehoon soup, I bowl of dumplings soup, 2 iced Milo, 1 coffee kahwin & 1 glass of Chinese Tea ping. These breakfast has kept us full till afternoon tea at 4pm.


  1. You are such a good mummy who knows the importance of family bonding time. Time flies very fast and your kids will become independent adults soon.

  2. I would like a taste of the Sandakan bouncy noodle. Plus the dumplings soup. Nice weekend breakfast.

    I love weekend too as it is time where everyone gets together. But not this weekend as my hubby wouldn't be around. Flying off to Indonesia.


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