Monday 5 March 2018

Adoption of Home Pet

Whenever there are dogs and cats come by, my better half will give them food.  Since these cats and dogs knows there are food, they will come regularly and sooner or later they will call it home.

Since we have our own pet dogs inside our home compound, other dogs will not come around to wait for food.  Some 2 months ago, a pregnant mother cat came to our backyard and my better half started to feed her, when she nearly due to gave birth she migrated to our front yard and gave birth to 3 little kittens.
Mother cat and her baby kittens, photo taken on 1/12/17.  One of the kitten which was the most active one has gone and never come back.  My neighbour has told us that he found a cat died at the back of his house after he came back from his vacation in the early of this year, could have been this little kitten.  Now only left 2 hanging around, they have become so homely that they started to come inside the house and sleep comfortably on my better half working chair. 

photo taken yesterday, they have grown up quite a bit.  I like cats but I hate so much if they do their business inside the house.  So far they are pretty discipline.  The rats will stay away with cats meow around.  Cats are cute regardless of the breed.


  1. Please be sure to have them spayed or neuters (and the mama, too) so you don't have any more little kittens running around! Thank you!

  2. aww you guys are so nice to care for them.

  3. Pity the dead kitten. You and hubby are so kind and I am sure pets love both of you.

    The kittens are cute. They were so cosy on the sofa.

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