Monday 19 March 2018

Stingless Bee Natural Honey

After reading the health benefits of the stingless bees honey (Madu Kelulut), I told my better half that I want to buy a bottle for my father and mum to try,  he has to whatsapp the farm owner on Saturday night to check whether they are opened for business on Sunday.  I am very happy that his reply is Yes.  My father is a stroke patient since 12 years ago and has been having lungs infections very frequently.

I am glad that my mum tagged along to see the stingless bee farm. The owner is so kind to let us try the honey and patiently explained to us on the goodness of this honey.  

I bought a bottle of 530gm honey to share with my parents.  This is the packaging and a natural product produced by the hard working stingless bees that can only fly the furthest 3km from their nests / hives.
I also bought a small bottle of ginger powder, produced locally as well.  It can be mixed with the honey drink,  Ginger possesses anti cancer properties.  
besides the Air Mata Pengantin flower (picture in my last post), I also sighted this type of flower in the Stingless Bee farm, anyone know what's the name of this flower ?  


  1. Natural honey is a special product for health and beauty.
    Powder ginger is also good for your health! Enjoy ginger mixed with honey drink! I can imagine it must be delicious.

  2. I have started buying natural honey from trees around the jungles of Pahang through their pakcik salesman who visit KL. They taste very nice and different but surprisingly more expensive than commercial ones.

    My late grandfather also had terrible stroke when he was 80 and got bed ridden. He managed to walk again after 1-2 years with a walking stick. I heard that my aunty massaged his legs and body everyday until he could exercise his limbs on his own. Just my 2 cents.

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