Wednesday 7 March 2018

The Prettiest Pancake - Roti Jala

To my eyes, Roti Jala (or Lace/Net Pancake) is the prettiest pancake among the pancakes I have ever seen.  I ever wondered how Roti Jala is made, only much later then I found out that it is made by using a utensil with holes at the bottom to drizzle the runny batter in a circular motion onto a hot pan and roll it up.
The rolled up Roti Jala, a traditional Malay dish / snack.

I can eat at least 4 plain Roti Jala in one setting without any curry to go with it (I do not like curry) and take away a few for lunch.   So far the best Roti Jala that I could find is at Grace Square, Sembulan.  
My Roti Jala lunch with coffee.

Since I love it so much, I should try my hands on making some myself. 


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