Sunday 3 August 2008

Egg Molding

I got to know about this egg molding from Joyce's blog some times ago and wanted to get a set for the girls since. Just happened that we had our early lunch at the Four Seasons Steamboat Restaurant yesterday, I did not forget to drop by the so called Japanese grocery shop there just to look for this egg molding. It is RM5.99 for 2.
Right after taken her nap, Crystal reminded me to boil some eggs, what else, she wanted to see what magic can these molding can do to the eggs, I was eager too..quickly i boiled two eggs and let cool.
Still intact inside its plastic cover
all ready
the molding is just right for a small size egg
a little bear out from the moulding
and a little rabbit too..
The girls were so very happy to see what their eggs have turned out but the daddy and the mummy were the ones who ate the eggs. They did not eat them bacause they were all full just after dinner. Next time I will have to make sure to prepare the eggs before meals so that they get to eat the eggs too.

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