Sunday 10 August 2008

Fruits are not cheap anymore

On the way back from Mambakut after attending Steven and Pualine wedding, we decided to stop by one of the fruit stalls at Papar hoping to buy some local fruits. Oh my! Oh my! we were shocked with the prices of fruits these stalls were selling. Their overhead must have been pretty high for these stall operators judging from the price they are charging or hoping to make a fortune by putting up such high prices, "Wonder whether this could anything to do with the price of diesel". Their pricing were much higher than Kota Kinabalu Supermarkets. Guess their target market are the tourists.
We ended up buying five phillippines' mangoes for RM14.00 since Crystal has been asking for some a couple of days already. We ate one and it taste really nice. Coincidently my brother, Albert gave us about 20 mangoes grown from his backyard in the same evening, I had to give some away to avoid aggravating our already bad coughs by eating too much.

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