Saturday 9 August 2008

My cough remedy

I have had a bad cough & flu that disturbed my sleep at dawn on Wednesday. Luckily the Birdnest Chong Chau Pi Pa Dan came to my rescue again. I immediately went to Foh Sang early in the morning before work to buy two bottles of this to continue with my dosages as we ran out of stock at home. Crystal was also started to sneeze and cough for the last few days and we have no hesitant to put her on one pill three times a day, and she has been very cooperative in taking the pills despite its awful taste, she seem to have fully recovered today after 3 days on this medication. I am also feeling much better now with lesser coughs but still need to continue with my pills till I am fully recovered. Again the Birdnest Chong Chau Pi Pa Dan not only works on me but on Crystal too.

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