Saturday 30 August 2008

Ballroom Dancing Competition

As my SIL, Kim was unable to attend her daughter's ballroom dancing competition dinner last Saturday, BIL Edward invited us to join SIL Grace and niece Olivia to the event. Kathleen loves ballroom dancing very much and has been practicing for several weeks prior to this competition. She again became a boy partner due to short of boy dancers in the school. Crystal loves dancing too and would like to learn ballet after watching so much of Barbie's VCDs. To give her more choices I brought her along for her to have a feel of what ballroom dancing is about to see whether she has interest in it. Kathleen also took the opportunity to teach her some steps that night. Crystal danced along with the music most of the time with her own ballet style (she just can't help to move her body with the music). After the event, she still insists on learning ballet.

The event

Only got to know my friends, Florence & Lily (they are sisters) are actively involved in ballroom dancing for 3 year now.
Kathleen & Crystal before the event startsKathleen and her dancing partner
competition was on while we were enjoying our dinner
Kathleen and partner on the dance floor
Crystal enjoying her first dish, she was really hungry

one of the dishes regularly served in any sort of dinner, The Yam Ring with vege and cashew nuts

another familiar dish
Red beans with sago was the sweet /dessert served for the night

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