Saturday 2 August 2008

1/2 Price Dim Sum

After having our meehoon soup as breakfast this morning, we headed to the city centre to get few things done. Clet managed to take some photos of an apartment unit at Marina Resort Apartment which is to be auctioned this month and I supposed to go pay for my car instalment but the cheque deposit machine is out of order, what a lousy service this bank have knowing that the beginning of the month there would be plenty of customers who tend to use the machine for easy payment or depositing, the bank should ensure its one and only cheque deposit machine is up and running at all time, which bank? One of the bank in Api-Api Centre loh!

At about 10.30am, Crystal said she wanted to eat siu mai, this girl did not eat much meehoon soup in the morning that's why she felt hungry well before lunch time, since we are still around the city and the usual place that we had dim sum is quite a distance, in order not to waste petrol, we thought of take away siu mai for her at Four Seasons Steamboat Restaurant at Asia City. Clet went in to order the take away while we waited in the car. He headed back to the car no long after and told us that there is a 50% discount for eat in customer, and no discount for take way. That is not a bad deal, isn't it? So we decided to eat in. I thought all are 50% off but paying the bill than we realised it's only applicable to food not drinks, I would have ordered air suam only if I had known earlier. We ended up paying RM40.70 for our early dim sum lunch on Saturday.

Dim sum that we ordered

took a photo while eating half way through

Disappointed with this mushroom fritters, can't see any mushrooms hard as rock as well.

We had two sets of siu mai, the girls' favourite, that's what we ended here for..

I chose this for its vegetable, at least some vege rather than meaty all the way

One missing, it's with pearl already, she had 1.5 of this char siu pau

She hold the pau too tight that it felt off from her hand

This chicken feet is Crystal's favourite.
See, what I meant, bone only left. She had the whole serving by herself
We clean swept what we ordered on our table, no wastage.
After a meaty dim sum lunch, we walked around Asia City Complex and came to this miniture shop. All about movie characters. Be honest, I do not know most of them except superman, spiderman, and that's all.. all boy's stuff even Crystal feels the same.
second look, yes confirm, i only recognise Superman :-)

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