Monday 23 November 2009

1st day of school holiday

I am taking leave from work on the 1st to 3rd day of school holiday so I do not have to send them to holiday school, knowing that it would be a big challenge sending Pearl to holiday school without Crystal being there. I prefer to just being at home, it doesn't matter letting them driving me nuts than dragging myself to work.

Besides busy with the house chaos, I managed to get down to experience some baking over the weekend. Inspired by Shireen's blog on making home baked bread, I tried my hands on making my own bread and buns, it was pretty successful. I put red bean paste as filling for my buns which I bought meant for making moon cake but then moon cake project was a disaster..hahaha..

I also baked some durian butter cake as requested by my mum. It came out smelling and taste really nice, I feel like having the whole loaf of it but then it is too fattening to indulge myself, so i better give some away to my brothers, they do not mind tasting whatever I try to bake. They always give me honest comments.

The Camera is with Clet at Kuching that I used my handphone to snaps some photos of the buns I baked, unfortunately, my handphone went spoilt while I was trying to download a software onto my computer so that I can upload the photos. Now my handphone is totally not functioning probably due to virus attack buy the software I uploaded.


  1. Nice! The anticipation of the holiday season just keeps building for me!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy baking! They sound delicious.

  3. No pix of your bread, buns and cake? Durian butter cake sounds delish! Next time do take pix and show us!


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