Monday 9 November 2009

Intergretion of Google Adsense into Triond

I have been submitting some writings to for quite a while now, the earnings from Triond is very minimal I must say. Recently, they have intergreted Google adsense with Triond. By doing so, adsense advertisment will now be shown in the articles that are published by Triond, which allows us to earn extra adsense income, the sharing is 50/50 with Triond, unlike our own blogs, we earn 100% of the income from adsense.

Articles submitted to Triond have to be approved by them before it is published. If you are interested to publish in Triond, bear in mind that they do not allow duplication, meaning to say if an article has been published in our blog, submission to Triond will be rejected.

Though the income is minimal, it does provides us an additional source of on line income.

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