Saturday 21 November 2009

Stay at home Saturday

Many of you might have taken the opportunities to go holiday, a long distance drive to outstation or even hang out at the shopping malls with the children to mark the beginning of the long year end school holidays starting today till next year, 4th January.

But for me, I am longing to stay in the coziness of our little messy home with my 2 little princesses while Clet is outstation in Sarawak for the launching of eXfuze. Though our girls love going out so much they do like being at home at times. First thing in the morning, Pearl told me that she doesn't want to go to school just like to stay at home. Crystal has no objection.

Like usual they will find ideas in keeping themselves occupy, one of which was to find ice from the fridge to rub on the barbie mermaid's hair and body to discover the change of colours on them, so much of watching mermaid on Youtube that they wanted to bathe the barbie mermaid in water, I gave them a small basin and later Crystal complained it's too small for their barbie mermaids to swim, they have got 3 mermaids altogether, she needed the baby bath tub . They got themselves all wet, and finished the game off with bathe and shower with the barbie dolls .

Unable to post any photos here because I am having difficulties in getting my photos uploaded from my handphone. Clet has brought the camera along with him to outstation all the time that I find myself lacking in blogging without photos.

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