Tuesday 10 November 2009

PayPal withdrawal available for Malaysians

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I am not just off from blogging for many weeks due to heavy workloads, both at work and at home , I am also haven't got the chance to check on my PayPal account for a while. Today, I logged on to my PayPal account with the intention to find out how to withdraw some funds to my credit card which I have accumulated since I started blogging.

I am pleased to find out the we, in Malaysia are allowed to withdraw funds to the local Malaysian banks now, this is what many of us have been waiting for.

There will be no charges if withdrawal is more than RM400.00, otherwise, we will be charged RM3.00 for the transaction. It will only take 2-3 working days to receive the funds into our bank account. Withdrawal to a credit card will take 5-7 days, with a charge of RM20.00.

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