Sunday 19 September 2010

Avoid Canola oil

Thanks to an email from one of our friend with a message he forwarded about the danger of consuming Canola cooking oil. I have been very choosy on the type of cooking oil therefore this has prompted me to read on what is all about on Canola oil.

Shocking to learn that Canola oil is not food; Canola is a genetically engineered plant developed in Canada from the Rapeseed plant, it is very toxic and not meant for human consumption, generally used as lubricant for industrial used.

After reading this article, Canola oil became clearer and familiar in my mind, I have seen it someway, I quickly went into my kitchen to check on the cooking oil that I just bought....yak..Canola & Sunflower Oil clearly stated on the bottle, worst still I have been buying and my family have been consuming it. Pure ignorant on my part, all this while I thought vegetable and plants oil are similarly good for health.

A bottle of newly bought Canola cooking oil in my kitchen

Recently I bought a bottle of extra virgin coconut oil meant for hair care and also read about the benefits of using coconut oil for cooking. Luckily for the past few days I have been using the extra virgin coconut oil for my cooking, if hadn't Clet gone outstation I would have used the Canola oil because he doesn't like the smell of the coconut oil in the food.

A bottle of my extra virgin coconut oil, produce of the Philippines

I have decided to throw the bottle of Canola & Sunflower oil into the bin though I have not used much of it, why should I continue feeding ourselves poison, right? you can read the health hazard of Canola oil here or try search more about it on the web.

Even though coconut oil is known as the best cooking oil for health, some may not like its strong essence, the next best choice would be olive oil but it is much more expensive. Any good suggestion on alternative healthy cooking oil?

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  1. You make me scared coz we are consuming Canola oil at home! Though the article may have some facts to it, but I don't think US FDA would cause its citizens such a disaster. They are very particular in food, especially to children. If the poison thing is true, they will hand out a recall on the product, no matter how much it costs. But I will take your advice to switch to extra virgin olive oil, coz it's good for heart and my parents are coming, so. Thanks for the post.


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